You are welcome to apply for 2022 Foundation Programs Offered in Zhengzhou University

21-12-3 上午9:15 作者:Zhaochun Yin 【

All are welcome to apply for foundation programs offered in Zhengzhou University (ZZU).


As the largest university in China (in terms of student number), Zhengzhou University has witnessed its rapid development from a local institution into the global renowned university. Zhengzhou University has sponsored numerous students to pursue their degree each year. In 2020, more than 500 new applicants were awarded with various scholarship, despite other university cut their scholarship seat during the period of COVID-19. Zhengzhou University make great efforts to continue the financial support to excellent international applicants to study in Zhengzhou University in 2021.

Applicants, who cannot meet the entry requirements of bachelor program, or applicants who aim to ensure their early admission to hot bachelor programs, can apply for our one-semester foundation programs. There three types of foundation program offered in 2021:

1.       Pre-Medical Program for EMI (English as Medium of Instruction) medical bachelor programs such as MBBS, Oral Medicine, Medical Imaging, and Anesthesiology. More information is available at: ;

2.       Pre-Science & Engineering Program, for EMI bachelor programs of science and engineering such as Computer Science & Technology, Civil Engineering, and Pharmacy. More information is available at:;

3.       Pre-Business Program, for CMI (Chinese as Medium of Instruction) business related bachelor programs such as International Trade, Business Administration, E-Commerce, Marketing and other CMI bachelor programs. Applicant of this program should be HSK 4 or equivalent, otherwise you choose our Chinese program. More information is available at:

4.       Pre-Business Program, for EMI business related bachelor program of International Trade. More information is available at:

Foundation programs could enable international students to consolidate their foundation in their majors, and also could ensure students a smooth transition from home high school to abroad bachelor program. For some hot bachelor programs such as MBB, BDS, Medical Imaging, and Anesthesiology, majority students will come from the foundation programs. 

For Science & Engineering, Business bachelor programs sponsored by scholarship, quite a number of seats of scholarship will be arranged for excellent students from its foundation program.

Due to the COVID-19, all classes of foundation program will be delivered online. Excellent applicants abroad are welcome to choose these programs.